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EFFA donated: €3050 EUR

Nominated Charity for 2006 AGM

The charity supported in our 2006 agm was Little Star Fund.

The Little Star Fund is a campaign formed to aid four of Ireland’s largest children’s charities; Temple Street Children’s Hospital, The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght, Our Lady’s Hospital for Children Crumlin and Barretstown.

These Charities have come together to offer the people of Ireland the unique opportunity to donate a small part of their SSIA windfall. These funds will provide equipment, research and family support to the 250,000 sick children that turn to them every year.

Find out more about Little Star Fund, visit their website.

2006 AGM

The 2006 agm was hosted by Aerly Bird Trans Global .

Aerly Bird Trans Global

Aerly Bird Trans Global hosted the 2006 AGM.