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Nominated Charity for 2015 AGM

The charity supported in our 2015 agm was Yuen Kong Kindergarten .

Yuen Kong Kindergarten was established 1988 and was going to close on 2010 because there were only 5 students left. Miss Lui Lai Hung who has worked in education for over 20 years applied as Principal after she knew the kindergarten was to close.

Besides Principal of the school, she needs to be a teacher, clerk, and also cleaning staff of the school. She also acted as driver to pick up and deliver 2 students. She is the only one staff in the kindergarten. Her salary per month is HKD4500 (USD580).

I asked her why she willing to take over the school, and she said that if the school terminated, the 5 students will have no school to attend as there is no other kindergarten nearby and some students are Indian and Nepali whose families find it difficult to find kindergarten

Over the past 5 years, she has successfully developed the kindergarten and it now has 60 students. Her story had been made into a movie which is still showing.

Now the kindergarten needs to raise 2 million Hong Kong dollar to build new class room. So I hope we can give a hand for the kindergarten and student.

Tony Wong (Host), Pretty Fair Freight

2015 AGM

The 2015 agm was hosted by Pretty Fair Freight Limited.

Pretty Fair Freight Limited

Pretty Fair Freight Limited hosted the 2015 AGM.