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Philipp Kuhn -

A modern, dynamic shipping company – that is CLG AG. It is based at the most important commercial center for air freight in Switzerland – the Zurich Airport. We are always on call to meet the needs of commerce and industry. And we have been doing this since 2003. Count on our professional team which will support you in all shipping issues and provide you with a complete package of services.

Our service offer sets itself apart from others through its particular flexibility: We can meet individual special requests just as reliably as completely "normal" everyday types of transport; we handle large shipping tasks just as carefully as small ones. A committed team is waiting for you at CLG, which masters any challenge.

Those who put their merchandise in the hands of people they do not know need to have a lot of trust. Your trust in us pays off. The fact that we are willing to assume responsibility is expressed to no small degree by the active participation of our managers in our daily business activities.

CLG is a shipping company which delegates its shipping tasks. This means that, unlike shipping companies which are completely self-contained, we do not have our own means of transport such as planes, freight ships or trucks. And that is precisely your advantage, since you benefit from our maximum freedom to be able to choose the partner which is truly the most suitable for each task. Without any compromise. This means that we always offer shipping services specifically tailored to your needs.

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